An Environmental Perspective of the American Diabetes Association’s 75th Scientific Sessions

written by Sarah Howard Coordinator of the Diabetes-Obesity Spectrum Working Group Over 18,000 people from around the globe gathered in Boston June 5-9, 2015, for the American Diabetes Association’s premier annual scientific conference. Thanks to CHE, I was able to attend, and here summarize information I found on the development of diabetes—including environmental factors (especially […]

Top 10 Selections: 3rd quarter 2014

These are CHE’s picks for the most significant stories, studies and developments in environmental health during the last quarter: The role of air pollution regulation in reducing morbidity or mortality Several studies show substantial benefit from reducing pollution. Duke scientists report air pollution controls linked to lower NC death rates: Stronger emission controls in North […]

Review of the Evidence on Developmental Exposure to Certain Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Obesity

written by Sarah Howard CHE Diabetes-Obesity Spectrum Working Group Coordinator A review article on prenatal exposure to endocrine disrupters and obesity was just published. Overall, it found that, “For certain EDCs, early life exposure may be associated with weight homeostasis later in life, however not necessarily in an obesogenic direction.” The review includes both human and […]

Top 10 Selections: 2nd Quarter 2014

These are the environmental health stories, studies and reports that we think are most significant from the last three months. Comments are invited. Global toll of pollution on health The scope and depth of pollution worldwide and its significant toll on health and lifespan is underscored in these new reports. WHO: Air pollution top environmental […]

Top 10: 1st Quarter 2014

CHE offers this selection of research, news and announcements that were of special significance during the first quarter of 2014. Items include research that made a noteworthy contribution to the field, news and announcements that took a conversation to a new level and/or new audience and some welcome action. As before, we offer both the […]

Top 10: July 2013

For the second quarter of 2013, we collectively selected ten topics from several dozen candidate news articles, journal articles, policy decisions and reports that have had a significant impact or are likely to have a significant impact on thinking and action in the field of environmental health. We consider these selections to be the biggest contributors […]

A View from the North

In recognition of CHE’s 10th anniversary, colleagues who have been particularly instrumental to shaping CHE this past decade will be invited to write an introduction. This month’s introduction is by Pamela Miller, MS, Executive Director and Founder, Alaska Community Action on Toxics and Coordinator, CHE Alaska Regional Working Group. As I reflect on the tenth […]

New report: “Review of the Science Linking Chemical Exposures to the Human Risk of Obesity and Diabetes”

Sarah Howard Coordinator of the CHE Diabetes and Obesity Spectrum Working Group The UK nonprofit organization CHEM Trust (Chemicals, Health and Environment Monitoring Trust) just released a report on the links between chemicals and diabetes/obesity. Studies published in recent years provide compelling evidence that human chemical contamination can play a part in both conditions. The […]

Resiliency: The New Sustainability?

Elise Miller, MEd Director In response to a recent article in Ode magazine entitled “Beyond Sustainability”, Michael Lerner sent a insightful comment last week to CHE’s Integrative Health Working Group listserv noting how “resiliency” has become more predominately used among thought leaders than the term “sustainability” in recent years. Because this point has become a […]

Dioxin – Scientific Analysis

This letter is reprinted with permission from the Environmental Working Group, a CHE partner. See the original letter with full science analysis on EWG’s website.   Dr. Timothy Buckley, Chair Dioxin Review Panel Science Advisory Board Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Washington, DC Dear Dr. Buckley, Twenty-five years after publishing its first assessment of dioxin, a common […]