Infectious and Non-infectious Diseases: The Lines Begin to Blur

written by Elise Miller, MEd Director  Deaths from noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) were estimated at 68% in 2012 globally, up from 60% in 2000, while deaths from infectious diseases are decreasing. This is according to the second edition of the World Health Organization’s report, “Preventing disease through healthy environments: a global assessment of the burden of […]

On World Environmental Health Day: The Call to Protect Children’s Environment and Health

On World Environmental Health Day: The Call to Protect Children’s Environment and Health

To commemorate World Environmental Health Day this year and its focus on children’s environment and health, CHE is publishing a series of short essays from partners who are leaders in children’s environmental health. written by Frederica Perera, DrPH CHE Partner The protection of children, and especially poor children, from air pollution and climate change resulting […]

Diseases, Vectors, Specific Chemicals or Life Phases: What’s Your Pleasure?

written by Elise Miller, EdM Director When many of us think of air pollution, images often come to mind of smoke stacks and diesel trucks spewing dirty fumes or thick brown smog enveloping cities. We think of people coughing or wearing masks on their faces to breathe, kids being rushed to emergency rooms for asthma […]

A Story of Health Launches

written by Elise Miller, MEd Director If your holidays were like mine, you gathered with extended family to celebrate. Mixed with the sharing of good cheer, you may have also learned that your cousin has been suffering severe asthma attacks or your young niece was diagnosed with childhood leukemia or your grandson is having difficulty […]

Thank You for Supporting CHE

Dear CHE Colleagues, “A good start lasts a lifetime.” That’s what Linda Birnbaum’s mother told her when Birnbaum was growing up. Now Dr. Linda Birnbaum is Director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and works tirelessly to ensure we all get a good start in life by reducing exposures to toxic chemicals during […]

Massachusetts Pursues the Primary Prevention of Asthma

Polly Hoppin Co-coordinator of CHE’s Asthma Working Group Massachusetts communities have high asthma rates, resulting in a substantial societal burden of human suffering, lost capacity and productivity, and direct fiscal costs. In 2010, 10.4% of adults in Massachusetts had asthma—one of the highest prevalence estimates in the nation. Current asthma prevalence among adults increased by […]

Moving into a New Decade of Science and Civility with Your Support

Elise Miller, MEd CHE Director Rereading CHE’s e-newsletter introductions published over this past year in recognition of CHE’s 10th anniversary, I am reminded how fortunate we are to work with such an array of truly remarkable leaders—leaders, like you, who are providing the critical thinking and unwavering commitment we need to move towards a healthier, […]

The Ecological Paradigm of Health: An Interview with Dr. Ted Schettler

Yes! Magazine’s Fall 2012 issue features an interview with Dr. Ted Schettler, CHE’s science director: Talking with Dr. Ted Schettler is probably unlike any conversation you have had with your physician. Raise the topic of breast cancer or diabetes or dementia, and Schettler starts talking about income disparities, industrial farming, and campaign finance reform. The […]

Healthy Environments Across Generations: Recap and Continuation

On June 7-8, 2012 over a hundred and fifty participants gathered at the New York Academy of Medicine (NYAM) for the “Healthy Environments Across Generations” meeting which focused on the impacts that multiple, interacting environments can have on health (including the socioeconomic, chemical, food, built, natural, and psychosocial environments) as well as intergenerational and creative […]