Cell Phones, Cancer and Precaution

written by Elise Miller, MEd Director  The National Toxicology Program’s study on the potential health impacts of cell phone radiation published at the end of May has been called a potential “game-changer” by some leading researchers in the field. The preliminary findings of this study, the largest of its kind ever conducted, indicate that male […]

Infectious and Non-infectious Diseases: The Lines Begin to Blur

written by Elise Miller, MEd Director  Deaths from noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) were estimated at 68% in 2012 globally, up from 60% in 2000, while deaths from infectious diseases are decreasing. This is according to the second edition of the World Health Organization’s report, “Preventing disease through healthy environments: a global assessment of the burden of […]

Breast Cancer Prevention Begins in the Womb

written by Ted Schettler, MD, MPH Science Director As breast cancer awareness month ends with its primary emphasis on early detection I’ve been more interested in what we’ve learned about opportunities for prevention. Amidst all the pink ribbons and disagreements about optimal mammography scheduling an important theme seems to be finally taking hold. Although opportunities […]

Top 10: 3rd Quarter 2015

We present the ten most significant news or research stories in environmental health of the last quarter, in CHE’s view. The first three items are statements from major scientific or health organizations summarizing large bodies of research and drawing conclusions about the interaction of our environments and our health. These reports join a growing list […]

Your Health: Occupational Exposures—Nail Salons, Lead and Asbestos

written by Nancy Hepp, MS Research and Communications Specialist Beginning with this post, these columns will be focused on one issue and will be posted as topics emerge rather than on a strict weekly schedule. Exposure to chemicals, radiation, dust, heat and other stressors at work are a perennial concern. Recent items highlight some of […]

Your Health the Week of July 6th

written by Nancy Hepp, MS Research and Communications Specialist This post was updated to correct and clarify misleading statements on July 16th. Electronics, Electrical Fields, and Radiation Televisions are still dominant, but computers, mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices are capturing more and more of children’s attention and waking hours. In Screen addiction is […]

Your Health the Week of June 8th

written by Nancy Hepp, MS Research and Communications Specialist This week’s column focuses on issues that don’t generally get a lot of press: environment and aging, chemicals in our clothing, and noise. EPA Fact Sheets on Environment and Aging These fact sheets provide advice to either individuals or caregivers about environmental hazards including carbon monoxide […]

Childhood Leukemia: An Ounce of Prevention

Written by Mark Miller MD, MPH; Catherine Metayer, MD, PhD; and Gary Dahl, MD This post was originally published on the website of Physicians for Social Responsibility. It is posted here with permission of the authors. CHE is hosting a teleconference call on January 22nd on this topic as part of the launch of A […]

Electromagnetic Fields: The Chemical Connection

written by Elise Miller, MEd CHE Director As you probably remember from your high school biology class, our bodies function using electrical impulses to communicate between cells, such as telling your heart muscles to contract or signaling your brain that you just stubbed your toe. Since everything relies on these signals, any breakdown or disruption […]