Which Chemicals Are Linked to Diabetes and Obesity? Perhaps More Than We Think.

written by Sarah Howard Coordinator of the Diabetes-Obesity Spectrum Working Group Researchers from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), EPA, research centers and universities have just published an article, Prioritizing environmental chemicals for obesity and diabetes outcomes research: a screening approach using toxcast high throughput data (Auerbach et al. 2016). The intent of […]

Top 10: 4th Quarter 2015

This is the last of CHE’s public quarterly Top 10 lists. We have selected studies and issues that we feel are significant in the field of environmental health, either because of their impact, their implications or their insight. Topics are listed in no particular order. Comments are welcome, as is always true with our blog […]

Safer Chemicals, Safer Products: Is Congress Up to Their Task?

written by Ted Schettler, MD, MPH Science Director If you are among those who assume that chemicals in your consumer products must first be tested for safety before being put on the market you have plenty of company. But you are wrong. Except for pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and some food additives, no Federal or state law […]

A Beacon of Light Is Only as Strong as Its Source

written by Elise Miller, MEd CHE Director We can no longer relegate social and environmental determinants of health to the sidelines, while deeply investing in pharmaceuticals and gene therapies. Instead, we must work to minimize exposures—from toxic chemicals to psychosocial stress—starting in the womb. By providing this expanded frame for addressing chronic disease and disability, CHE […]

Human Genome + Human Exposome = Your Health

Elise Miller, MEd Director  In the push towards personalized medicine, unlocking the human genome is often lauded as the key to developing individualized medical plans for those who have genes indicating they are at risk of certain diseases or disabilities. Those plans often include developing and using more and more pharmaceuticals. The increasing mixture of […]

Summer Environmental Health Video List

With so many CHE partners vacationing over the summer, CHE schedules fewer teleconference calls during August. To address this gap, we’re offering this starting list of recommended videos relating to environmental health. They cover a wide range of topics. Some are relatively short TED talks, some are longer interviews, a couple are recent policy speeches, […]

Acting on the Science We Already Have

Elise Miller, MEd Director “Our own thought process impacts the health of our ecosystem almost more than anything else,” Dr. Virender Sodhi explained at an Indian cooking class I attended last weekend. “The real problem is we most often take action on what we don’t know and don’t act on what we do know.” His […]

Gaining Ground

Julia Varshavsky Program Associate and Coordinator of the Ferility/Reproductive Health Working Group Are we gaining ground on translating environmental health science into clinical practice and public policy? You bet, but we still have a ways to go. In a recent online article published by The Pump Handle called “Systematising the evidence base: a key strategy […]