Science Pick: Premature Aging and Waste Landfill Sites.

Ted Schettler Science Director See the article in Gene: Telomere shortening in women resident close to waste landfill sites In this study, scientists from the University of Naples collected blood samples from 50 apparently healthy pregnant women living in an area of Italy with a large number of waste dumps and from a control group of […]

What Do World Health Day, CHE’s Healthy Aging Initiative, and Bruce Springsteen All Have in Common?

In recognition of CHE’s 10th anniversary, colleagues who have been particularly instrumental to shaping CHE this past decade will be invited to write an introduction. This month’s introduction is by Maria Valenti, who serves as the national coordinator for CHE’s Healthy Aging and the Environment Initiative. They are all about aging well. April 7th was […]

Closing the Gap on Health Disparities

written by Kathy Sykes Senior Advisor for Aging and Public Health at the EPA Office of Research and Development This post is shared with permission from the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials. It was originally posted on Stylistic edits have been made. What do health disparities, interest on the national debt, and […]

Commentary: 25 Years of Endocrine Disruptor Research – Great Strides, But Still a Long Way to Go

written by Laura N. Vandenberg, PhD Assistant Professor and Graduate Program Director of Environmental Health Sciences, University of Massachusetts Amherst School of Public Health and Health Sciences Reprinted with permission from Environmental Health News Cancer. Diabetes. Autism. Infertility. ADHD. Asthma. As the rates of these diseases increase over time, the public and researchers alike have […]

Mental Health: A Heightened Recognition of the Role of Toxic Chemicals

written by Elise Miller, EdM Director For the first time the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Monitor on Psychology magazine featured a cover story (Oct 2015) on the impact toxic chemicals can have on the developing brain. It makes sense that if chemical exposures can undermine children’s learning capacities, then they might be implicated in mental […]

Can a Cow Virus Increase the Risk of Breast Cancer?

Can a Cow Virus Increase the Risk of Breast Cancer?

written by Ted Schettler, MD, MPH CHE Science Director updated September 25, 2015 Exposures to known and suspected risk factors for breast cancer begin early in fetal development and continue throughout life. Some relate to individual choices and lifestyle while others are encountered as an inevitable result of the way we design our communities and […]

Diseases, Vectors, Specific Chemicals or Life Phases: What’s Your Pleasure?

written by Elise Miller, EdM Director When many of us think of air pollution, images often come to mind of smoke stacks and diesel trucks spewing dirty fumes or thick brown smog enveloping cities. We think of people coughing or wearing masks on their faces to breathe, kids being rushed to emergency rooms for asthma […]

Your Health the Week of June 8th

written by Nancy Hepp, MS Research and Communications Specialist This week’s column focuses on issues that don’t generally get a lot of press: environment and aging, chemicals in our clothing, and noise. EPA Fact Sheets on Environment and Aging These fact sheets provide advice to either individuals or caregivers about environmental hazards including carbon monoxide […]