Are There Environmental Causes for Type 1 Diabetes?

This is an excerpt of an article by Sarah Howard, Coordinator of CHE’s Diabetes-Obesity Spectrum Working Group. More information on this topic will be presented during CHE’s November 12th teleconference call: Type 1 Diabetes and the Environment, which is free and open to the public. After the call, a recording will be posted.

Sarah HowardType 1 researchers generally agree that the increasing incidence in Type 1 diabetes must be due to environmental factors. What those factors are, however, remains an area of active debate and research. Some of the top contenders include: viruses (either too many or too few), vitamin D deficiency, the gut microbiota, diet/nutrition (including cow’s milk or gluten), being overweight or obese, and environmental chemicals. It very well could be a combination of factors to blame, with different factors playing different roles in each person, depending on genetic make-up, and thus making it difficult to identify any root causes of the problem.

Read the full article on the Insulin Nation website.

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