The Ecological Paradigm of Health: An Interview with Dr. Ted Schettler

Yes! Magazine’s Fall 2012 issue features an interview with Dr. Ted Schettler, CHE’s science director:

Talking with Dr. Ted Schettler is probably unlike any conversation you have had with your physician. Raise the topic of breast cancer or diabetes or dementia, and Schettler starts talking about income disparities, industrial farming, and campaign finance reform.

The Harvard-educated physician, frustrated by the limitations of science in combating disease, believes that finding answers to the most persistent medical challenges of our time—conditions that now threaten to overwhelm our health care system—depends on understanding the human body as a system nested within a series of other, larger systems: one’s family and community, environment, culture, and socioeconomic class, all of which affect each other.

Continue reading on the Yes! Magazine website.

One thought on “The Ecological Paradigm of Health: An Interview with Dr. Ted Schettler

  1. I enjoyed this article. Thank you for bringing Dr. Schettler to my attention.

    I learned more about Persistent Organic Pollutants and their possible link to diabetes via the website of one of the organizations he heads. Scary. What an important thrust of study and, ideally, global change.

    I’m seeing some findings about supplementation with Redox Signaling Molecules, and it seems like they could be helpful in reducing inflammation and oxidative stress, helping our bodies to heal themselves (and possibly countering the effects of POP?). But I’m not a health-care professional nor physical scientist (does social scientist count?). Does that make scientific sense?

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