Appealing to the Power of Collaboration

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I hope this holiday season finds you healthy and surrounded by loved ones, particularly as we face so many challenges on every level of society and around the world.

If you’re a CHE partner, I write now to invite you to reflect on the ways CHE may have supported your work professionally and your decisions personally to improve human and ecological health. CHE provides a wide range of services at no cost to its almost 4000 partners globally. If you are not yet a partner, I would like to share more about our efforts to improve human and ecological health.

Having been integrally involved in CHE since its inception in 2002 and having had the privilege of serving as Director of CHE over these past two years, I am pleased to note that even more partners than ever have written or called to say that CHE serves an essential and seminal role in shaping and galvanizing their respective work and interests.
Some highlights from this past year include:

  • Organized and facilitated over a dozen national CHE Partnership calls with leading researchers on an array of cutting-edge environmental health topics, including a conversation with Linda Birnbaum, PhD, director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences; a look at nanotechnology as an emerging environmental health field; a review of the findings of the President’s Cancer Panel report; two discussions focused on the oil spill in the Gulf Coast; a call on the connection between breast cancer and the environment and a conversation focused on pediatric integrative health (see;
  • Managed and fostered activities of CHE’s Working Groups including fertility and reproductive health, learning and developmental disabilities, neurodegenerative disorders, mental health, obesity/diabetes, cancer, breast cancer, asthma, EMFs, science and integrative health (see;
  • Organized a highly informative symposium “Children First: Promoting Ecological Health for the Whole Child” featuring prominent speakers from diverse sectors who offered new models and systems to help advance pediatric integrative health (see;
  • Launched a national initiative on Healthy Aging and the Environment, which is engaging AARP, Generations United and other national organizations serving seniors regarding environmental health (see;
  • Launched CHE’s new Primary Prevention Environmental Health training program for professionals and others in various health-affected sectors (see
  • Initiated a partnership with the Science and Environmental Health Network on cumulative stressors and their impacts on human and ecological health;
  • Published timely science-based materials on environmental contributors to reproductive health, cancer and neurological disorders;
  • Continued to improve the accessibility and usability of the CHE website, including our Portal to Science which now offers dozens more research articles and scientific papers (see;
  • Updated CHE Fertility and Reproductive Health’s web library (see;
  • Revised CHE’s Disease and Toxins database based on peer-reviewed articles published in the last few years (new version to be released in early 2011, see;
  • Developed a web page on links to information on chemical policy reform (see;
  • Advanced initiatives with partners in Europe on cancer and climate change; and
  • Participated in dozens of conferences, workshops, federal advisory committees, Congressional briefings and hearings, and other relevant events to translate the emerging environmental health science for various constituencies.

Though we never ask for membership fees for our services and we know so many are deeply constrained by today’s economic challenges, we invite those of you who can to make a donation of any size towards our ongoing efforts. You can access the “Donate” link on CHE’s website to make your contribution, or you can mail a check made out to “Commonweal/CHE” directly to Commonweal at PO Box 316, Bolinas, CA 94924.

By making a gift today, you will help us continue to define and successfully implement CHE’s current and evolving initiatives dedicated to creating a healthier future for all.

With gratitude and warmest wishes for 2011,

Elise Miller, MEd
Collaborative on Health and the Environment (CHE)

2 thoughts on “Appealing to the Power of Collaboration

  1. I’m new here. Has anyone heard of barium and arsenic poisoning from ceramic log fireplaces? My family is dealing with that now. It’s been 5 years and we just discovered the cause. Please help.

  2. I’m posting again. Has anyone heard of poisoning from barium and arsenic coming from the glass or ceramic logs in a vented gas fireplace? Seems it is used in the process of manufacturing ceramics and glass. Has anyone ever reported this?

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