Michael Lerner

At the heart of CHE’s work is what Ted Schettler calls the ecological paradigm of human health. This paradigm of human health has ancient roots — many indigenous peoples believed in the essential Oneness of all creation. Taoism could be said to reflect an ecological concept of human health. Ralph Waldo Emerson shared this same Taoist conception of the interconnectedness of all thing.

What has changed is that we are able to measure more and more of these profound interconnections. Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are one of the best examples. Some EDCs can have life-long impacts on human health at exposure levels of parts per billion during fetal development.

But CHE is interested in more than chemical contaminants and health. We are interested in that great interface where chemicals, radiation, infectious vectors, nutrition, stress, income disparities, EMF, psychogenic stressors and untold other variables meet. We are interested in policies that protect human health in the face of this drastic revision of how we traditionally thought about such policies.

We are also deeply interested in what contributes to resilience in the face of this brave new world of ancient and modern stress factors. We often forget how many dimensions of modernity have improved health, and the power of the evidence of life expectancy that in many respects those improvements of health continue.

Finally, we are committed to science and civility in exploring these questions together. The focus on science — whichever way it points — keeps us grounded. And civility makes it safe for each of us to have our say. Welcome to the CHE blog.


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